In order to enrich and optimize your user experience when using Extension, you can freely customize the way ads are presented

We're making sure you'll enjoy!

We are able to provide this service free of charge thanks to out unique online advertisement methods. Using this service, you will be presented with ads that are more relevant to your own personal preferences while maintaining the strictest privacy policies that ensure that your personal information stays yours.

  • Ad Presentation

    Once you have installed Extension, you have enabled us to present you with third party products and services.

    These services are presented automatically, according to your personal preference and internet usage, all while fully protecting your personal information.
  • Privacy Control

    Extension is comitted to your privacy and employs the most advanced security standards to ensure that your privacy is fully protected.
    Ads are presented automatically and do not share any personal information, do not collect information, and prevent third parties from collecting information about you.
  • Ad Control

    Extension offers an enriched and optimized online experience while maintaining strict data protection.

    However, if you wish to deactivate this service, you may easily do so by clicking deactivate. Please note that once the service has been deactivated, your personalized ad experience will no longer function.